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What's your superpower?

"How did you discern your superpower?" we asked our network of consultants. We're honored to share some of the responses with you.

Tiffany Weigand

Co-Founder & Talent Developer


I help reduce the overwhelm. I've seen many organizations and small businesses  freeze from the feelings of overwhelm. I help focus on a goal, take action, and put on blinders to prevent all the chaos from stalling them again. As a strengths coach, I help people get to the root cause of their struggles and successes. I help individuals and teams take weakness out of their vocabulary by unlocking their superpowers and focusing on energy management for a fulfilling, successful life.


Authenticity is what works for me in fundraising and what I encourage my clients to pursue. Be honest and be yourself. Don’t try to act or talk like someone else no matter how successful you think they are. Most donors can detect when a fundraiser just wants money, and many are rightly cynical when they are pursued and always told everything is going GREAT! That’s not real life. But, when non-profit leaders share their passion and commitment, as well as their worries and challenges, and especially what they are learning and how they are improving – then donors respond wanting to help.

Michael Friedline

Principal Consultant

NonProfit Advance


Jeff Schreifels

Senior Partner

Veritus Group

Veritus Group's superpower is giving away everything we know, for free.  When Richard and I first launched Veritus Group we decided to produce as much content about major gifts as we could and allow people to consume it at 

 no cost knowing that the law of the universe is that the more you give away the more that comes back to you. This is why our client base and our course participants have grown every year. It’s why our staff has been with us so long. We’ve had so many people tell us that they owe their careers and how they think about fundraising to all the work we’ve put out in our blogs, white papers and podcast over the years and it’s incredibly humbling and satisfying to know we’ve helped thousands of people do their work better because we made that initial decision.

Outsight Network
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